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What is online traffic and why does your business need it? If you’ve got been checking out information about marketing your business online, you’ll have found a mountain of data about your website and online traffic. It can get very confusing.

What it comes right down to is you would like people (online traffic) to seek out your business (your website) once they are trying to find your products or services online. These people are your potential customers and find out about you and your business in two basic ways online:

  • Paid advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (commonly called SEO)

Online traffic strategies can include either one, but the best strategies include a combination of both.

Why paid traffic?

It gives you faster results than starting with organic traffic. If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google results for when someone types in a search, then paid advertising through search engines like Google & Bing or through social platforms like Facebook can help you. 

The advertising process includes placing ads for keywords to bring in high-quality traffic to your website in a short time-frame.  Once they are there, you can capture them as a lead for your business growth. 

Paid Traffic

Google & Social Advertising

Organic Traffic

Search Engine


SEO is important for greater searchability and visibility, but it is more than that…

It’s about understanding what people are checking out online, the answers they’re seeking, the words they’re using, and leading to the sort of content they want to consume.

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to connect to the people who are searching online for the solutions you offer.

If knowing your audience’s intent is one side of the SEO coin, delivering it in a way search engine crawlers can find and understand is the other.

Process Overview


It starts with an audit – always.  We do this so we know exactly where you stand and where we have to build to – no unexpected surprises.


Next is building the initial strategy. We build a plan that sets out the goals and the initial 3 months of focus. This way we all know how to measure the success as your business grows.


Finally, we implement the campaign based on those goals and strategies.  Working to get more visitors and more potential opportunities to your website.

Why Do I Need Online Traffic?

After two years of being invisible in Google, the ThinkFlame team’s work had us showing in searches within two months.  

If you need help, I recommend ThinkFlame every time!

Angela Richardson

Angela Richardson

Richardson Miller LLP


You Need People To Know About Your Business


People or visitors to Your Website represent Opportunity for Growth.


Visitors learn about your services.


Repeat visitors can turn into new business


Being easily found can mean new and referred business.


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Online Traffic Creates Opportunites

You need to speak to new people to grow your business, making sure you are easily found in the way people actually search for your service is the first step in that process online.

Can your potential customers find you?

If Your Business is Struggling to get traffic and leads, we can help.

Our Team loves taking on new challenges, so if you are ready to get going, let’s start today.

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