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SEO Will make or break your web rank

At ThinkFlame, we not only believe in the Power of SEO, we understand it.

It’s not the ‘black art’ you may have heard it described as by naysayers and novices. SEO is a science and like all scientists, we’re constantly conducting experiments, staying abreast of the latest research and best of all, none of it involved scary white lab coats or testing on adorable bunny rabbits. 

Search Engines now focus on how the user interacts with your website to provide search engine results. This means, keywords have decreased in importance as the search engines no longer rely in the search term by itself. They take into account several indicators to interpret the meaning of your site according to user intent.

New search algorithms, from a wide variety of SEO tools, evaluate your website relevance by how long a user has been browsing your page or how many times your content has been shared. Both, indicators of high user satisfaction and the key for a better website rank.

SEO is becoming the highest source of leads today.


To achieve your digital marketing goals you need a strategy able to lead your company to success. This means knowing your audience, where to find them and how to talk to them to make your content appealing and shareable. This also means avoiding common SEO mistakes.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to establish a solid online reputation for your brand which combined with paid advertising will boost your traffic quickly and in a budget.

User Experience

Content is everything in your website. From text to pictures, videos, icons, forms and freebies.

All your content needs to be accurately described and named. This will help search engines and users know what they are reading, watching or seeing. Helping them navigate your site and having a friendly user experience.

Website updates

Your website needs to be updated to indicate Search Engines that your page is active.

Creating and publishing fresh original content keeps your site up to date while helping you gain more traffic. Plus, compelling content is key to increase your audience time in your site which gives to your business online authority and the opportunity to reach new prospects.

Content length

When positioning highly competitive keywords your content length matters. Articles ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 words tend to perform better in search engines.

Long articles use more pictures, videos and links to relevant third party information sources, helping your content to be cited.

Formatting your content for an easy read by organizing the information, adding subtitles and bullet points will increase the opportunity to be shared.

Mobile Optimization

Having your website optimized for mobile devices is no longer a choice. Responsive design is key to have your website looking the same regardless the device your audience is using to access it.

Making your website mobile friendly will increase your brand awareness while maintaining coherence across platforms. That way your customers can easily recognize your company during decisive purchase stages no matter where or how.

Social Networks

Using Social Media increases your content reach and drives traffic to your website.

More and more, search engines value how many times a piece of content has been shared in social media, how many people interacts with your brand in your profile and how many visits your website is getting from social media.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps your company target the audience next to your local store providing your prospects with the opportunity to experience your product or service.

This will drive traffic to your local store, increase sales and ROI, which combined with PPC and remarketing becomes the perfect formula to get returning and loyal customers.


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