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PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is a type of online advertising whereby your ads are showcased in front of users when they use certain keywords on search engines or social media networks.

PPC, is all about being able to have your ads showcased to a targeted audience to attract their attention, as well as to your site visitors after they have left without taking action but having showed interest in your products or services.


If you are trying to get good rankings for highly competitive keywords but lack the patience to wait for the outcome of SEO strategies, then Pay Per Click advertising will be ideal for you.

Pay Per Click enables you to have measurable, immediate data to get you the best return on your advertising spend, even if the keywords are highly competitive. This type of advertising can significantly help you to get more visitors to your site and have more conversions.

PPC makes possible for you to have more online visibility among the potential customers who have already shown interest in any of your products or services without paying for any impressions.

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You only pay for clicks

When you use PPC, you have complete control on how much you spend and who you want to reach.

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Increase Conversions

Don't lose a lead. Target visitors who have not yet converted but that have shown interest in your products and services.

62% of businesses use PPC to increase website traffic and attract new leads.


Market & Keyword Research

Campaign Setup & Budget Management

Targeting options

Conversion Tracking

A/B Testing