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What Inbound Lead Generation means for Your Services

Helping you generate more qualified leads online

Every business needs leads because they are the lifeblood of any business. It doesn't matter if you already have some great clients or you are just starting out, you need leads to sell your services and grow your business. The growth of online community platforms have given businesses a powerful way to move all the networking skills they have offline and put them to work online.



  • Every business needs leas?
  • For spelling out benefits and
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Who are you talking to?

You need to focus your message to the person to you are trying to reach.

You might have the right message, but be marketing it at the wrong crowd or vice versa. Understand your customers, develop buyer personas, what is your client demographic? How old are they? Married, single? What is their line of work, their interests? Now you know who you are talking to, refine the tone and the placement of your messaging.



  • Build detailed buyer personas.
  • Create customer specific content.
  • Reach them where they are.

What are your prospective clients asking for?

What questions are your current clients asking?

Get under the skin of your current clients, you have a detailed or several detailed buyer personas. Encourage user reviews, and feedback on your website, engage with customers on social media. Find out the kinds of questions they want to know about you and your business. These are the questions your prospective clients have too.



  • When you know what you’re being asked, you can formulate accurate, concise responses.
  • Learn from current clients/customers.
  • Knowledge is power.

Where are your future customers online?

Is your prospect on LinkedIn, on Instagram, or somewhere in between?

From your detailed buyer personas you can work out the social media platforms, websites and forums where your prospective customers spend their time online. Now you’ve got them in your sights, mumsnet or LinkedIn users it doesn’t matter, you can start engaging with them on a personable level, develop trust and relationships in these online communities.



  • Research your current client/customer base, where are they online?
  • Make human connections.
  • Build trust.

How do you get in front of you prospects online?

By speaking to them as people in the places and formats they trust.

Now you know where they are, engage with your prospective customers on social media and online, respond to their comments or tweets. Reward your followers, give social media exclusive deals or competitions. Have a consistent active, visible voice online.



  • Be where prospective leads are online.
  • Consistency in quality and quantity of posts.
  • Be part of the social conversation.

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How to move them to visit your website?

Give them a compeling reason to head to your website

Companies that blog more generate more traffic, the key is consistent quality output across blogs and social media. Great content or a special offer attracts prospective leads to a landing page where you can exchange their contact details for the content. Better more engaging SEO across the board also brings in more traffic.



  • People love quality content.
  • Engage and exchange content for contact details.
  • SEO.

Make an offer that speaks to your future customer

You want them to take action on your website, make them an irresistable offer!

You’ve got great content, whether it’s a guide, whitepaper or special offer code. Your potential lead is on your landing page or web page. Now you hit them with an irresistible call to action. Action oriented, attention grabbing and engaging, use keywords from your content. Make it the focus of the page. Make it easy for them.



  • Once you have their interest and their contact details they’re starting to look a lot more like leads.
  • A call to action they can’t refuse.
  • Use clear wording and relevant imagery.

Are the leads Sales-Ready?

All leads are not created equal. Start the qualifying process right away.

A solid inbound content strategy is going to bring you visitors, but you need to qualify them.  Some people won't be ready to talk to you yet, but interested in the value your content has to offer and others may not be a good fit for the client-growth your company is building towards.  With strong offers, both gated and ungated, you can begin the qualifying process before you ever pick up the phone.



  • We want to increase the conversion of qualified leads, not just increase web traffic.
  • Creating call to actions on your site that appeal to all the different levels of the sales funnel.
  • Nurture those top and middle funnel leads to pre-qualify through automated funnels.

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