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Posted by Shelly Patrick on 8/15/18 8:54 PM

Improve your online visibility with...

If you've started a blog for your small business you know the worst thing that can happen is that nobody reads it. I...

Topics: visual content

Posted by Shelly Patrick on 7/27/18 8:51 AM

Tips for Better Headline Writing

It has probably come to your attention that headlines really do matter. We rely on them in most phases of our...

Topics: visual content

Posted by Shelly Patrick on 7/5/18 1:53 AM

Why Publish on LinkedIn!

Okay, let's take an unofficial poll - everyone who has not yet explored publishing with LinkedIn, raise your virtual...

Topics: publishing, Pulse, Social Media, visual content

Posted by Shelly Patrick on 3/16/18 9:08 AM

Creating your Content Marketing Strategy

Why are B2B marketers on average spending almost 30% of their budgets on content marketing?  Maybe it's because...

Topics: visual content, Marketing Strategies

Posted by Cassandra Patrick on 11/3/17 1:24 PM

Simplified Article Marketing

Article Marketing Simplified With Real Working Methods

Article marketing is another phrase for inbound marketing or...

Topics: AdWords, Online advertising, SEO, visual content

Posted by Cassandra Patrick on 10/11/17 9:02 AM

Things You Can Learn About Content from...

Being creative and original is a big advantage in the business world, but being original and creative does not mean...

Topics: visual content, Competitors

Posted by Katy Tearle on 3/31/17 10:30 AM

Emotion vs Data: How Effective...

Everyone loves a good story. Well-told stories can make you laugh, make you cry, make you think…

Topics: visual content

Posted by Shelly Patrick on 9/7/14 12:58 PM

The Importance of a Warm Welcome

7 Ways to make your welcome emails work for you.

Topics: Email Marketing, Online Marketing Strategies, visual content

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