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More Common SEO Mistakes that You Need to Avoid
Written by: Cassandra Patrick

More Common SEO Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

You have to learn as much as you can about search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, if you want your blog and website to be found by those who are searching online for information. By optimizing your blog and website, it is more likely to be found by those who are looking for information online. 

Unfortunately, many business owners make some mistakes and their blogs and websites are not being noticed by the search engines.

3 More Common SEO Mistakes

Here are some more common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid, especially if you want your blog to be noticed.

1 - Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is frowned upon and can be a big mistake when it comes to SEO. Keyword stuffing is used to describe someone who fills their blogs and website with too many keywords, making it very hard to read. Though you might think that this would help your blogs get found, it actually has the opposite effect.

Not only will keyword stuffing rank your website or blog lower, but your readers won't stick around either. This will also tell the search engines that your website or blog doesn't have enough good information on it.

2 - Duplicate Content

A big no-no in the content world is publishing content that is not original. Though this was commonly done a few years ago, it is not effective anymore. In fact, content that is plagiarized will be punished and find itself at the bottom of any search results.

Even if you duplicate the work of someone else by writing their ideas in your own words is frowned upon. For this reason, you need to work hard to come up with original content on a regular basis.

3 - Ignoring Links

Not thinking about links. Links are very important when it comes to SEO and many business owners make mistakes when it comes down to it.

Many don't include any links because they don't want to send their readers to other websites. However, external links show the search engines that you actually care about your readers and want them to get the information that they need. They prefer to send people to websites with external links.

You should also link to your own blogs. Many business owners don't do this for a variety of reasons, though you should send your readers to other pages on your website. This shows them that your website is filled with helpful information. However, you shouldn't include internal links just to have them. Make sure that you are sending them to some of your best blogs.

Anchor links where you tell your readers to click here should be avoided. You should just put your links in naturally.

Links are other places where many business owners make mistakes. 

While links are important for SEO, you can easily overdo it. Make sure that you include a few to help you get your point across. Don't have so many links that your readers won't want to click on any of them!

Some end up putting in too many links, while others don't use any. Some people only think about internal links while others only use external ones. However, using a few of each type is the best way to go. You should also avoid anchor links which tell your readers to click here.

Work Your Way Through SEO optimization Slowly For the Best Results

Many business owners make mistakes when it comes to SEO. They want to get traffic so they end up using too many keywords and their writing sounds unnatural. It becomes hard to read and many will click away. You also need to make sure that your  blogs are original. Though this may take you some extra time, it will be worth it.

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