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Buyer Personas: The Why & The How
Written by: Shelly Patrick

Buyer Personas: The Why & The How

Customer Avatars, ideal client, client personas, marketing avatars, and other combinations are all names for the buyer personas.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, buyer personas are important for a number of key reasons:

1.You need to know who you are talking to!

You don't talk to a 40-year-old woman the same way you talk to a 20-year-old man.  They are at different points in their live and while there can be share interests regardless of age, gender, and other demographics, chances are they have very different needs and wants that drive their decisions about purchasing products or services. So it is important to find out more about who your customer is so you can shape the message you are sending to them.

You want to start with some basic demographic details:

  • Are they a man or a woman
  • How old are they?
  • Married, single, or somewhere in between?
  • Children, pets, or enjoying the quiet?
  • What kind of work do they do?  Is it in or outside of the home?

These questions will help form a picture of your buyer persona.

I strongly suggest you actually choose a picture to go with the description of your customer. 

Go to one of the many free image sites (pixabay.com is one of my favorites) and find a picture of to match the foundational information you have gathers. It will make it more real to you. And that will make is easier for you to move to the next key.

2.You can focus on what is important to them.Hannah HomeMaker.png

Why do you need a buyer persona? You can’t figure out what is important to your potential customers if you don’t have a clear image of who they are. One you have the picture of your persona, both figurative and literally, name them.

I created this image in Canva, another great free tool, especially for those of us with out professional graphic design skill. The picture is from pixabay.

Naming them will again help make them more real.  When you are making decisions about when, and where to market to Hannah, you are looking right at her.

What advertising placement is more likely to get her attention? She has a young child so whatever else her interests are, the needs of her child will drive where you can find her.

Looking after a child can often throw schedules out the window, so look at some forums and other groups to decide what the best timeframe or frames is the best opportunity to get in front of Hannah.

Take Your Likes and Dislikes Out of the Picture

A skateboarding Facebook page at 2 am in the morning is probably not the right placement or timeframe to meet Hannah. While a page that helps parents deal with toddlers, is potentially a solid choice.  You'll have to do a little digging to make sure Hannah (not you) would hang out in those places.

Too often we confuse our likes and dislikes with those of our potential customer.  Just because we like it doesn't mean Hannah will and vice versa.  Ask yourself with every decision ~ Will Hannah like/want/look for this? Let the answer guide your choices.

3.You will be able to shape your tone and offer to appeal to them directly.

Now that you know who Hannah is and where to find her, you have to decide what kind of offer you should be making to her.  Seems simple - you know your product or service serves a need or want in her life right now, so offer it.  But how you decide to present the offer, the tone your use to make the offer is as important as knowing who you are talking to and what is important to your persona.

  • Formal or casual?
  • Funny or serious?

Just a couple of big differences that can make or break Hannah's reception to your offer. Make sure you spend some time shaping this to fit Hannah and don't try to make Hannah fit the offer.  That doesn't work.

4.Time to put it to work

Okay so you have the basic elements and now you want to put this to work for you. Take some time this week and do some brainstorming and some research to create a new persona. Doesn't matter if you have never done one or if you need to refresh.  Make sure you have a buyer persona that is actually the face of your customer, then you will have the foundation for great offers that will convert into leads!

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