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Posted by Katy Tearle on 5/31/17 3:38 PM

5 Strategies for Dealing Gracefully...

It’s going to happen eventually. Nobody enjoys it, nobody wants it, but eventually… it will happen. Eventually, no...

Topics: Online Reputation

Posted by Katy Tearle on 5/19/17 9:58 AM

Who Are Your People?: Finding Your...

If you’re familiar with the inbound marketing game, then you’re familiar with buyer personas. Buyer personas are...

Topics: Buyers Personas

Posted by Katy Tearle on 5/12/17 9:59 AM

The New B2C: Selling Customer...

We’ve all been there. You walk into a store and you find a product you like, but you just want one or two questions...

Topics: Customer Journey, B2C

Posted by Katy Tearle on 5/3/17 6:32 AM

140 characters or less: 4 ways twitter...

So your company has a Twitter. What now? Twitter is an enormous, constantly changing, constantly growing, free...

Topics: Social Media

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