What are the Reasons People Buy Online? 

You have an online store or some kind of online e-commence and want to get ready to sell your product.  Understanding why people buy online is critical for anyone striving to make money selling online.

Not only does it make shaping your sales materials much easier, you’ll also have a leg up when it comes to how to spend money on advertising.

It may seem obvious to you why people would opt to make their purchases online. But you’ll be surprised at some of the top reasons people indicate they make the decision to buy online.

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So let’s walk through some of the basics you need to consider if you want your online store to succeed.

5 Top reasons why people buy online

  1. Generally a far wider selection and choice – Most online shops carry a far wider selection of goods available for purchase than a brick and mortar store is able to display within their walls.
  2. People like to read reviews from other buyers – Absent having a friend who’s bought the item in question, people will search for whomever they can find for an opinion on the product, as long as it’s not from the company itself.
  3. It’s a major time saver – In a day and age when none of us have a spare moment to call our own, the ability to shop from you’re your desk or your phone while vegging out on the couch is a blessing. Not only does this save us from having to venture out in the our cars, burn gas, and careen all over town, the very idea of doing it all form home and having it delivered to our door is appealing.
  4. Can you say “Free shipping” – This is one of the top reasons people give for buying online, which at first glance makes little sense. I mean, if you went out and got it, there’s be NO shipping! But still this ranks as a top reason for buying online.
  5. Easy return process – Face it, you might not like it. And if one trip outside the house was too much, imagine how much you’ll hate two! Having a rock solid guarantee and easy return process is a big factor for people choosing to buy online.

~ Make it easy for your visitors to buy from you! ~

While there are certainly many factors unique to your buyer persona, these 5 should be considered by every e-commence store regardless of your product.  They will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

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